Whenever there is a summer party at my house, it will be a given that there are going to be three things: Cute Decorations, Fun Activities and HOT DOGS!

So why not put them all together and create the Party Perfect Hot Dog Station!

For a simple station I put together at a recent BBQ, I pulled these cute Ketchup and Mustard Balloons from our shop and paired them with 16" letter balloons simply spelling out HOT DOGS and hung them over the a table with grilled dogs, buns, and simple fixings.

You can really have fun with your station though....use letter balloons, pennants or even letters written on paper plates to spell out other fun hot dog phrases like:



"HOT DIGGITY DOG" (for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans out there)



or my personal favorite, "I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU"

When it comes to toppings, you can dress your dog however you like...but a good (and creative) host will make sure there are plenty of toppings for everyone's favorites. And maybe some toppings that no one ever thought of!

You will of course have to provide the popular...Ketchup, Mustard, Relish. They are a must and should not be messed with! Beyond that, anything goes...here is a look at some great gourmet ideas:

Seattle Hot Dogs

Mexican Street Corn Hot Dogs

Frito Pie Hot Dogs

Hawaiian Hot Dogs

Nacho Hot Dogs

Breakfast Hot Dogs

Greek Hot Dogs

Thai Hot Dogs

If you are like me and your Sweet Dreams are made of CHEESE...try these:

Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

Truffle Mac n Cheese Hot Dogs (O.M.Yum!)

Onions, Cheese, Pickles, Jalapeno Peppers....the list goes on and on. Just make sure to use a crock pot (or chafing dish) to keep the hot toppings hot and an ice pan or cooler box  to keep the cold toppings cold! Plus, provide utensils for EACH topping...nobody wants cross contamination, congealed cheese or salmonella!

Hot Dog baskets are always great for keeping all of your toppings together with your personalized hot dog but if you are having a themed party, novelty plates are a fun way to plate your dogs.

Take a look at these summer favorites that are definitely hot dog worthy:


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Wishing everyone delicious hot dogs and fun summer parties...no diggity, no doubt!

XOXO - Andrea



June 30, 2019 — Andrea St Onge

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