Party Tips: Kid's Birthday Party Invitations

An invitation is a first impression and whether you are inviting just a few close friends or the entire class, a creative invitation is a great way to make your kid's birthday bash even more special. Here are some tips on what you should (and could) include:

1. State the Facts: All party invitations should include basic information: the purpose of the party, the date (including the day of the week), the time (start and end...the other kids need to go home at some point, right?), the place (location name and address), and a way for your guests to rsvp (include the host's name, phone number AND email to give them every opportunity to respond).

2. Match the Theme: The invitation sets the expectation for what the tone of the party will be (formal, playful) and it can give your guests a sneak peek at the overall design aesthetic of the party. Matching the theme can be as simple as a color palette or it can include elements of the theme such as fairies, dinosaurs, zoo animals, rocket ships. Also, make sure your wording matches the tone...formal, casual, playful, long as the party is the same. A too formal invite for a paintball party wouldn't make sense but a super casual invite for a Bat Mitzvah where you expect people to come dressed formally, is also not appropriate.

SweetScarletDesigns (Woodland Fairy) & TexasMamaDesigns (Party Animals) on Etsy (Thinking about having a Woodland Fairy party? Check out our Party Box!)

For truly one of a kind invites, try die-cut shapes, printing on unique materials, 3D object invites, edible invites or custom illustrations.

that party girl (Art Palette), Julie Bluet (Fox), Pink Parasol DC (Acrylic) on Etsy

3. What to Expect: Let parent's know what will be happening during the party so that they can plan too. Are you serving lunch? What activities will they be doing? No one wants to show up in a party dress to find out they will be painting or having a water gun fight.

4. Special Instructions: If you are requesting something that is not the norm, make sure to include it in the invite. Gift related requests such as "No gifts, please" or "In lieu of a gift, please donate to XYZ charity" Attire related requests such as "Formal dress required", "Come in costume" or "Bring a bathing suit" Food related requests such as "Please let us know if your child has allergies when you RSVP" Guest Count related requests such as "No siblings, please"

Beyond the tips for what to include, there are a few other items to note when it comes to kid's party invites.

Timing: Send invites at least 4 weeks in advance. If the party is a milestone birthday, then 6 weeks is appropriate, or you could send a Save the Date up to 6 months in advance.

Include your kiddo: Let your child be a part of the invitation process. Have them help pick the invite and ask who they want to make sure is there. After all, it is their party! 

Going Digital? Sites like Paperless Post and Evite have really stepped up the digital invite game. For a nominal fee, invitations include animation like coming out of envelopes upon clicking them in your email, confetti falling or animals moving. 

The same rules apply to digital invites as above, but the response rate will be quicker so they are a great option for a short RSVP timeline or if you do not have access to physical addresses.

Here are a couple of really great digital examples that we love...

Unicorn Frolic by Paperless Post

Why we love it: Can customize with a picture, beautiful color scheme, simple wording and best of all, it matches the Magical Unicorn line in our Shop.

Dinosaur Roar Invite on Evite (Premium)

Why we love it: Cute little dinosaur says Roarrr, adorable dino liner, can even customize the stamp.

Looking for other Roar-some party supplies? This invite matches the Dinosaur Party Collection in the Lou & Pepper Party Shop.


For more party tips, behind the scenes looks and more, visit the Lou & Pepper Blog as often as you'd like!

Happy Partying!


March 03, 2019 — Andrea St Onge

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