Choosing a location and venue for a party is one of the most important steps in the planning process and decorating that space can be stressful, here are a few tips we put together to help you make it as fun and as easy as it should be!   

Choose big impact items that are useful!

This gorgeous dessert cart is a perfect example of choosing a big impact item that also works for you. It looks beautiful in the space, displays desserts and also becomes the focal point of the room. Creating a focal point like this doubles as a photo backdrop but also makes the theme and decor more cohesive...consider it the starting point for decor. 

Balloons and more Balloons!

Balloons are always a great idea, especially for a kid's celebration. They are a great way to convey color scheme, they take up space and they make a big impression without breaking the bank. In the photo below we used a balloon garland and a hanging gold flower curtain to create a more playful and feminine look on the existing fireplace. This also makes the room feel a bit more intimate for a small gathering. 

Make the details count!

Making kids feel special is always our main goal and a kids table is a sure fire way to make them feel included and grown up! Here we used a different table layout and linen color to make the table feel extra special and added custom lollipops to each place setting to let the kids know that was their area. We placed this table in the center of the room to make sure the kiddos didn't feel isolated like they were at an actual "kids table!" 

Not pictured were some crafty art supplies to keep them entertained after lunch...a small book or art craft is a great favor for kids and also keeps them from getting bored while all the grown-ups are talking! 

Create an Entrance!

We always add decor at the entrance of a venue, it is the very first thing guests see upon entering and that is where the experience begins! Here we added a giant balloon with a message, flowers and a few special items. This is a great area for guest sign-in, photos or any other personal mementos you might want to display.  

The most important part of any event is spending time with your loved ones, we hope these tips help simplify decorating so you have more time to PARTY!


Cristina & Andrea  

June 08, 2019 — Cristina Lima

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