How time flies

Vintage Airplane themed 1st birthday party


Paper garland made out of baby photos decorating fireplace mantle

Aviation hat, globe, and yellow flower decorations in living room area

Vintage travel trunk with aviation map as backdrop

Child's highchair decorated with a map themed paper garland

Juice and punch glass dispensers sitting next to vintage hat case filled with birthday cupcakes

3 tier light blue and yellow cake with cloud and plane decorations

Vintage travel case with plane picture frame sitting on top

Closeup photo of brownie bites, candy jars, and fancy paper napkins with travel decorations surrounding treats

Overhead photo of tabletop plane/globe decoration with food trays surrounding centerpiece

Aqua colored vintage travel case decor with food tray

Cornhole board decorated with clouds

Paper plane making activity station

Closeup photo of "Test Flight Area" wall sign with bouncy castle in the background

Closeup of "Baggage Claim" sign hanging on window

Closeup photo of travel stickers on party favor boxes

Closeup of "In flight movie Planes showing 3PM" blackboard sign hanging from fireplace mantle

Tiny globe decoration next to hydrangeas on tabletop


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