Little Picasso


 Colorful candy jars on a table in front of a colorful wall with "Harper" mylar balloons hanging from it

 Two paintbrushes in a colorful pail next to flower centerpiece

"Food for starving artists" placard next to some daisies.

Greenish carnations in an artist themed vase with decorated wall in the background

Plastic plates and cups in all the hues of the rainbow

Overhead view of colorful plastic plates and cups over line drawing table cloth

Chalk decorated cornhole boards with bean bags resting on them

Closeup photo of an activity table to make your own beaded jewelry

Plastic tub of chalk in the "Chalk Art" activity area

"Little Artist" activity area with paint pens and paper

Closeup photo of white birthday cake decorated with sprinkles sitting near candy jars and cupcakes

Instant photo activity area with yellow Instax camera and film

Crayola activity book party favors

Colorful paper pinwheel decorations in all colors

Closeup photo of yellow, lilac, and green paper ring garlands

3 paintbrushes sticking out of clear paintbucket jar filled with colorful gumballs

Colorful blue & white striped party hats

Rice crispy treats sitting in front of pink, red, orange, yellow, and green colored chocolate buttons

Colorful striped "Happy birthday" paper garland banner

4 flower vases with flowers in different hues

Art activity station with 12 art easels with blank canvases

"Decorate an apron" activity station with colorful aprons and permanent markers in all colors

Paint refill station with white paint palettes and 6 giant jugs of tempera paint in all different colors


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