Mad for Science Party!

A Mad Science theme 7th birthday in a private residence in Orlando, FL


Closeup of "Happy Birthday" banner

Birthday girl posing in front of her party

Closeup of "Authorized Access Only" handprint sign

Closeup of "Find Your Element!" banner

Lab coats for party attendees

Birthday girl scanning her hand on "Authorized Access Only" sign

Table with science themed birthday cake, cookies, candies, and balloons

Closeup of macaroons, candies, and a "Think Like a Proton-Always Positive" sign

Closeup shot of flowers in chemistry flask

Closeup of cupcakes decorated with laboratory symbols

Closeup of purple & green birthday cake with smoking flask cake topper

Closeup of science looking table decorations

Closeup of birthday attendee holding up a piece of paper

Science demonstrator talking to group of kids

Science demonstrator showing experiment to group of kids

Closeup of kids making slime in plastic cups

Closeup of "Party" sign


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