Sound the Octo-Alert

An Octonauts themed 4th Birthday at a private residence in Longwood, FL


Closeup of front door with ocean themed door wreath

Birthday boy wearing party paper mask

Closeup photo of masks activity table

Closeup photo of bracelet making activity table

Closeup of table decoration with photo of boy dressed up as a penguin

Closeup of 2 picture frames: one with a "Sound the Octo-Alert" sign, and the other of a boy in a bear costume

Image of a kitchen with a snack table decorated in underwater theme

Closeup photo of a fruit tray and "The Adventure Begins" sign

Octonauts paper plates and napkins

Nautical theme snack bowl and cups

Female adult making balloon animals for 3 children

Female adult handing balloon animal to small boy

Table with liquid punch refreshments

Closeup photo of Octonauts cups and paper straws

Kids playing on inflatable slide

Diverse group of 5 children sitting in blow up pool filled with ball pit plastic balls

Closeup of beta fish in a vase

Decorated balloon wall and table holding cake and snacks

Closeup of mylar fish balloon on wall

Closeup of fondant birthday cake

Closeup photo of various treats and napkins on table

Closeup of dessert cups decorated with Octonauts character

Closeup of Octonauts cake pops

Closeup of table decoration with 2 photos of boy

Closeup of decorated cookies and candies

Closeup of Octonauts paper table centerpiece

Birthday boy in front of his nautical themed birthday cake

Overall photo of party favors sitting on table

Closeup of party favor box

Closeup photo of anchor decoration with party favor boxes

Closeup of balloon animal head next to party favor boxes


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